Getting back

My little boy went to daycare today! *waaah* He didn’t cry but I did. 😛 I was completely distracted at work, too, thinking about my boy. I am really looking forward to picking him up tonight! I didn’t think it’d be like this. I am more attached than I realized! Anyway, it wasn’t bad getting out of the house this morning. We went to bed at 9:00 last night to make sure I was well rested enough and I got up at 6:30 to make it out of the door by 7:45.

It’s bizarre to be back after being out of the loop for the last 9 weeks. Pumping 3 times a day is going to suuuuck, although it will make the day go by faster. I might be able to get it down to 2 times per day, which would make things a little easier. It’s daunting to think that I’ll be doing this for at least the next year. It’s not that pumping is difficult or painful or anything, it’s just that it’s boring. 😛

I have fully funded my back-to-work clothing purchases by selling a bunch of stuff on eBay. I sold 17 stamp sets for an average of $10, which is great considering that’s probably about how much I paid for the stuff. Sweet!

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