8wk well baby visit

Jack did pretty well at the doctor’s office. Before I left work this afternoon, I read on kellymom.com about using breastfeeding as pain relief. I fed Jack right before his shots, held him during, and fed him again right after. He cried, of course, but the breastfeeding really seemed to help because he fell asleep within a few minutes of getting the shots. He has been nursing often this evening and sleeping in between. I just gave him his first dose of Tylenol, as well.

As far as other information coming from his appointment, the boy is now 13 lbs. 14 oz. (95th percentile) and measures 24″ (90th percentile). His growth has stayed on the same path, which is good!

Developmentally, he can lift his head pretty well, will stand for brief periods while we are holding him, and can turn over from his back to his side. He found his hands yesterday – he was laying down at daycare and when his arm flailed, he looked over at it and stared at his hand. He smiles a lot and is quite chatty with the goos and ahhs. When we aren’t tending to his needs quickly enough, he gets pretty demanding and loud with the ahhs. He regularly pulls our hair. He nurses every 2-3 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours at night, and he goes through about 17 diapers per day.

And, of course, he is super cute and we love him to bits!!

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