Aunt Holly

My sister’s visit out here was great. We had a really good time, and she fell in love with Jack, of course! She was always eager to hold him and even to change his diaper. We ran out of cloth diapers at one point during her visit (and I had to sheepishly call the diaper service lady and up the order again, this time to 115 diapers per week) and had to switch over to the package of disposables that I have left over from that first week. I heard my sister talking to Jack while changing his diaper, “We don’t like these paper diapers, do we? No we don’t. We want the cloth back!” Less than a week, and Holly is a convert.

Holly called me on Monday and told me that she and Mike had talked (after waiting a week to let the Jack glow wear off) and decided they are going to try for a baby. They aren’t going to try right away, but my little sis is getting off birth control pretty soon and they are just going to see what happens. Pretty cool!

Yesterday in the mail we got a package from Baby Cotton Bottoms. It was three super cute diaper covers that my sister had ordered for us. My sister rocks!

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