Family-packed holiday weekend

Joe did a great job with Jack on Friday. He even cleaned the apartment up! He totally showed me up. 😛

Justin and Shailu arrived in the evening and we ate takeout from Fiesta Cafe and played games. Jack was quite delighted with his aunt and uncle.

Joe worked on Saturday, so Justin, Shailu, Jack & I went to the farmers market on the plaza and then out to lunch at Tomo. It was nice to get out and walk around even though the weather sucked. In the afternoon, J&S went back to their hotel to nap and I did laundry at home. Then we all met up at the hotel and went to dinner at China Buffet. Sadly, a buffet is wasted on me because I don’t eat gobs of food. In fact, I don’t think any of us ate a whole lot. Jack was stuck to me all night, eating almost constantly, so it was a bit difficult to play games or anything but we did get a round of Apples to Apples in before calling it a night.

Sunday was busy busy. The five of us went to breakfast at Village Pantry and then J&S left for home. I got a call from my mom and invited her up. While I was waiting for her and her boyfriend, Chris and Yvonne stopped by for a brief visit. My mom and Jim arrived about 5ish and then we headed to dinner at Mazzotti’s (lots of eating out this weekend!). We returned home for some game playing and ice cream. Oh, and my mom brought me some keepsakes from when I was a baby, including a cute little doll that I got when I was just a couple of weeks old. Super cool!

Monday was work again for Joe, and Jack & I slept in until almost 10. My mom, Jim, Jack & I went to lunch at Niveen’s, then took a walk to Sunnybrae Park. I took a few photos of them with Jack and then they headed home. (Hmm, I just noticed that my mom’s boyfriend looks like George W. Weird.)

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