Just as Jen warned me could happen after immunizations, Jack got a cold. He slept just fine, but his sniffling and coughing kept waking me up. Sheesh.

This morning while I was in the bathroom getting ready for work, I suddenly heard Joe cursing and Jack crying. Freaking Wicket knocked the glass of water that was on my nightstand right onto the bed and the water splashed all over Jack. Poor little guy – what a rude awakening!

I made coffee at work this morning to battle my fatigue and it was super strong (I am not used to using this type of coffemaker). I have been bouncing off the walls all day. At least I am getting tons of work done!

This weekend had its ups and downs. Jack was super fussy and I was super stressed, but Saturday was redeemed by a potluck at Melissa & Christian’s, and Sunday was redeemed by a birthday bash at Chris & Jenn’s place. The little guy was a total sweetheart at both events. Go figure.

We thought we were going to make a trip to the Bay Area in October, but it looks like we are actually going to Browns Valley instead. Joe won’t be working weekends after September, so we can finally get outta here (I still don’t feel comfortable traveling alone with the kid). Anyway, our friend Sabrina is having a birthday celebration at her parents’ and we are invited to come and stay over. Joe is pretty excited about seeing the area and hiking, and I am just excited to get out of Humboldt. I’m sure we’ll have a nice time.

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