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Jack is feeling so much better, so we are a happy lot in this house. It’s especially nice in the mornings. I am NOT a morning person, but Jack totally is. He is so smiley and chatty in the morning and it really makes starting the day much more enjoyable.

It was a pretty good weekend. Thursday night I went over to Chris and Jenn’s place and ate dinner with them – enjoyable as always. We watched part of the Labyrinth, too. I love that movie.

Seeing that little baby Toby with his red striped pajamas spurred me to go to Recycled Youth on Saturday and get Jack tons of striped outfits. I got a few cute hats, too. One doesn’t fit him, though – oops! He is just getting big so quickly! I thought it would fit him, being 3-6 month size…no dice.

Friday night the kid and I went to Jann & Jack’s for dinner. We watched Supernatural, a show I rented from netflix. Great company, great tv series. Makes me wish I had cable.

Saturday night Joe and I went to our friends Steve & Amie’s place for dinner. It was really relaxed. Steve and Amie have three cute kids ranging in age from 4 to 12. The youngest one just cracks me up. He loves to put on a show for us with his toys. He scared us with dinosaurs and then drove his train through the living room. Super cute.

Sunday was chore day. I did some laundry and cleaned the apartment up a bit while Joe was watching football. I watched some more Supernatural and also the movie The Family Stone (cute, but unrealistic). When Joe got home, I got a nap in while he spent some quality time with Jackie boy. In the evening, Joe gave Jack a bath and then we went grocery shopping. I cooked us dinner (lemon rosemary chicken and cornbread twists), too.

Altogether a great, if a bit busy, weekend. It really went by too quickly, but at least it was enjoyable. 🙂

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