Venturing out

I went to the movies today! It was awesome! But the weird thing about having a kid is that when you aren’t with said kid, it feels like one of your limbs is missing. At one point in the afternoon when hanging at Jann’s and chatting, I realized I had my arms crossed because I didn’t know what else to do with them. Usually when I’m not holding Jack I am trying to cram another activity in, so I am rarely just sitting there doing nothing with my hands. I am now unused to that kind of freedom.

Jann and I saw The Last Kiss and it was fantastic. It stressed me out, though, ’cause of the bad decisions Zach Braff’s character was making. I get too wrapped up in movies. Also, I was distracted by Jacinda Barrett – I couldn’t stop thinking about The Real World. 😛 BUT it was definitely a good movie and I highly recommend it.

Yay for afternoons out! I might have to do this every weekend. Joe can have his football games and I can have my movies. 😀

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