Sluggish but smiling

I feel like crap today. I’ve been really tired the last few days but it's really hit me today for some reason. I even stayed in bed later than usual. Jann bought me some Chai but it hasn’t helped wake me up.

Last night I went out to eat with my co-workers at Chapala for our staff social. Joe picked Jack up from daycare so that I didn’t have to worry about keeping him occupied while I was trying to eat and socialize. I had a really good time but I really missed my boy by the time I got home. Twelve hours away is just too long at this stage! I was kind of disappointed when I got home and he was sleeping. Joe was really frustrated because Jack has been super fussy the whole evening and he had just gotten him to settle down and go to sleep. Anyway, the boy slept for over an hour and then woke up, so we got to spend some time together.

Last Saturday Jack laughed for the first time. He started laughing while Joe was changing his diaper. I didn’t get to hear it, and so didn’t believe Joe when he told me. I’m so terrible. I never believe anybody until I see or hear it myself. But earlier this week I did finally hear it – he giggled while I was tickling his armpits. Then last night he was laughing up a storm when I was changing his clothes. For some reason he thinks that is hilarious. His laughing made me laugh!

Tonight I’m going to a jewelry sale to hopefully score some xmas gifts. This is an invitation-only presale and they are going to be serving wine, cheese, and bread. I’m looking forward to it! Jackie boy is going with me, strapped in the Snugli carrier. He’ll probably sleep the whole time since that thing knocks him out.

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