When the going gets tough, the tough leave town!

Work has been crazy. I have been feeling particularly retarded. I realized this afternoon that I sent a contract to the wrong physician group yesterday. D’oh! I am still having trouble catching up, too. The piles on my desk are not getting any smaller!

So what’s a girl to do when she is behind on work? Well, she takes time off and goes out of town, of course! I am leaving work early tomorrow afternoon and we are heading to Yuba City to spend the night with . Then we are spending the weekend in Browns Valley for our friend Sabrina’s birthday (her parents’ place is in BV). It should be fun, although I am a tad nervous about how the car ride will go with the little guy. I’m sure he’ll sleep most of the way, and we’ll make a few stops along the way so I can feed him, so it should be fine. I guess we’ll see!

Speaking of the little guy, methinks he is going through a growth spurt. He is eating more and sleeping lots. And this seems to be a major developmental time for him, too, because he is doing something new every day. Mostly he’s been making all kinds of new sounds, but he has also recently become a lot better at supporting his own head, reaching/grabbing (check out this video of him petting Lyra), and yesterday he almost scooted himself right out of his carseat when I was trying to strap him in! Crazy kid.

I inventoried my freezer stash of milk last night and I have made it to 100 ounces! Woo hoo! I got the forms for donation all filled out and now I’ve just gotta get my doctor and Jack’s pediatrician to sign off for me. I don’t anticipate any problems there.

I’d better hit the sack. I want to be somewhat well rested so that I can help with the driving tomorrow!

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