Long weekend out of town

Thursday I got off work at 2, picked Jack up from daycare, and headed home to get Joe. Between waiting on him to get ready and then nursing/changing Jack, we didn’t get out of Arcata until 4. Then we had to stop at Target to pick up several things, so we didn’t leave Eureka until 4:30. We stopped for gas in Laytonville, I believe, and then Jack needed a diaper change and to eat. We stopped again in Campanella to eat dinner at Mario’s (where I had dined with before). It took quite a while to eat, and then changing Jack and feeding him afterward took a long time, too. I think it was like 9 by the time we left there. We stopped again to change and feed Jack about 2.5 hours later, and then made it to Trizza’s place in Yuba City around midnight. So, all in all, about an 8 hour trip. Usually this would have taken us 4.5-5 hours. Suuucccck. We said our hellos to Trizza briefly and then went to bed.

Jack nursed frequently throughout the night, so I didn’t get much sleep. Joe cared for the little guy in the morning when he wouldn’t go back to sleep so that I could catch a few more z’s. Then Trizza and I went to Starbucks for caffeinated beverages and we all hung out for a while. Trizza took a bunch of pictures of Jack for us, and then Joe played with Tariah while Trizza and I chatted. Around 11 Sabrina came over to meet up with us and lead us to Browns Valley. We said our goodbyes to Trizza and headed to Red Robin to eat lunch. After a rather tasty lunch, we took off for Sabrina’s parents’ place and made it there without incident. We got settled in there and then walked around the neighborhood. After our nice loooong walk, we took off to Nevada City for dinner at a Thai place. It was super good, and Jack was pretty well behaved. Yay! By the time we got back from dinner, though, I had to call it a night. We had another night of frequent nursing and I woke up pretty tired again the next morning.

Saturday we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and then went to Chico to meet up with Sabrina’s sister at the Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation’s preserve. There were lots of big, cool cats to see. It was super cool! Jack particularly liked the orange tiger. After getting our fill of the preserve, we went to downtown Chico to walk around. We visited some shops and then went to Lower Bidwell Park, which had TONS of trees and was gorgeous. We went out for pizza at a tasty place called Woodstock’s, and then headed back to Browns Valley for cookies and an awesome game of Apples to Apples. Jack was super fussy on the way back to BV (he had been so patient all day but was pretty tired by that time), so it took longer than it should have. He went to bed halfway through our first game of Apples to Apples, though, so I got to relax and unwind. I won both games of Apples to Apples!

Sunday we got up relatively early to eat breakfast and pack up. We left BV at noon for a long, frustrating drive home. Because we were traveling during the day, there was a lot more traffic on the road and Jack was too distrated to eat properly most times. He wouldn’t sleep for most of the drive because he was hungry, but wouldn’t eat because the passing cars (or anything he could catch out of the corner of his eye!) distracted him. Ugh, it sucked. During at least half of the drive I sat in back with him trying to keep him occupied so he wouldn’t cry. I have no idea how many times we stopped to change diapers. One of our many stops included the Avenue of the Giants; we went to see the Gould Trail where Joe has interpretive signs. Jack liked that – he looked up most of the time so that he could see the trees. He got hungry halfway through but wouldn’t eat because the trees distracted him. Then he got cold and started fussing, and it had gotten dark and we had trouble finding our way out of the forest. Eek! After we found our way out and got the boy fed and changed, we headed home and made it there about 8:30 without further stops. LONG day. Jack went right to bed, thankfully.

I had fun on the trip but the lack of sleep really made it less enjoyable. The length of the drive really bugged me and it has made me question the plans we have for the next couple of months. Hopefully we can figure out some way of making travel easier!

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