Feeling like I’m constantly running

The stress of the daycare situation wore me out so badly yesterday than I had to go home and nap (I am not normally a napper). Thank goodness Jack also wanted to nap. My mom called me later in the evening to tell me she had requested vacation time to come help and I got to tell her the good news, that we get to keep our current daycare provider. It was nice to know that she would have come up for part of the time, dropping everything she was doing at work (which happened to be a big training project) to help us. Luckily we didn’t need it, though!

Jack is teething. I’m so sad for him – it’s way too early for this! He chews on his little hand until his fingers turn red, is drooling like crazy, and has been pretty cranky (for him, which still isn’t very cranky!).

I guess I haven’t written much about what is going on with Jack. I feel pretty bad about not writing these things down somewhere. It’s just so hard to find time, especially with how crazy work has been (I am buried!). I will have to write something more detailed soon, but here are a few things he is doing these days: smiling a lot, laughing a lot (especially when we change his clothes – for some reason this is hilarious – and blow raspberries at him), reaching for things and grasping them (hair, cats, toys), chatting (gooo, ahhh, ooooh, and a few high pitched sounds that I can’t begin to mimic; oh, and Joe claims he can say actual words like “Iowa”), and putting weight on his legs so that he is pretty much standing on my lap. His eyes have changed color and they are mostly green (with just blue around the edges that will probably fade a bit more in the next 1-3 months); they are so pretty. He really is such a great baby; it’s always pretty easy to tell what he needs when he does fuss. He is growing like a weed, still. He is just about out of his 3 month size clothes and also wears some 6 month clothing. We’ll know how much he has grown when we take him in for his second round of shots in a few weeks, but I suspect he is over 15 lbs. now. He is quickly growing out of his clothing!

We love Jack more and more every day. I feel so lucky to have this little boy in my life. He changes just a little bit every day and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Well, that was even more than I thought I could write right now. It’s hard to STOP talking about Jackie!

And now it’s time to go pick him up from daycare! Yay!

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