I know I’ve been bitching a lot lately about stress but it’s been constant and steady. I did manage to get my work a bit more under control, but I am still way behind. I really don’t look forward to this week – I’m taking Jack to work with me and I don’t know how I’m going to get anything done. I don’t have a choice, though. I’ll probably have to run into work once Joe gets home from school a few times during the week.

Jack has been exhibiting some strange nursing behavior. He requires that I walk around while nursing him almost every time. My back is killing me! Not only that but I can never tell when he is hungry anymore. Now that he has developed a close personaly relationship with his hands, they are always in his mouth. Meals times are a guessing game now and he gets totally pissed off if I try to nurse him when he’s not hungry. ARG. At least my milk supply is now under control!

The boy has been cranky today. I think it’s because his naps kept being interrupted (once by Wicket jumping on the bed, other times by a wet diaper). He finally got a solid nap about an hour ago and he’s doing much better.

I took a huge bag of clothing that he had grown out of to Recycled Youth to get credit. They took about half of what I had and rejected all the short-sleeved summer stuff. I didn’t get nearly as much credit as I was hoping for. Jack is just growing so fast and we can’t keep up. His closet is getting pretty bare because he is in 6-9 month clothing already!! (Remember when I wrote that my back is killing me? This is why!) We measured him today and he is 25.5″ inches – an inch and a half longer than a month ago! Still in the 95th percentile for height according to the WHO charts. Crazy. (And if he’s kept on the same path for weight, I expect he’s about 17 lbs. now. Sheesh.)

I got a bill from the pediatrician for $205 a couple of weeks ago. I spent a good portion of my workday yesterday calling my insurance and the ped office to get it straightened out. The ped’s office said that my insurance denied the claim but my insurance said they never received the claim blah blah blah. I think I got it all straightened out after 6 phone calls. I hope so because I don’t have an extra $205 laying around for medical bills.

Let’s see…what else? We decided we couldn’t make it up to Oregon for Thanksgiving. Instead, we are going to attend an “orphan” lunch at my friend Pat’s, and then my mom is coming up to take us to dinner. I think we could really use the relaxation of staying home, and I will take less time off work this way. We are doing so much traveling in the next few months. We’re going to the bay area twice (for Joe’s birthday and again for my birthday), and to Sac & Wisconsin for xmas. Since we aren’t going to OR for Thanksgiving, I’m going to go up there for Jen’s son’s birthday at the beginning of December. It will be so awesome to see her and in person finally! I’m hoping that traveling with Jack won’t be quite as bad by then.

Alright I think it’s time to bring this entry to an end. I’ve been working on it for four hours! And after writing for so long, and chatting with Jen and Sarah, I feel a lot less stressed. Yay!

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