Get to work, little boy

The little guy is at work with me today. He’s been fairly well behaved, thankfully. He’s currently taking his second nap of the day in Harold’s office. 🙂 Still, this is not my ideal situation. I wish we had back up daycare.

Yesterday Jack and I went to a Mad Hatter Tea Party at Melissa & Christian’s place. It was a breakfast potluck and we all watched Alice in Wonderland while eating and enjoying tea. I wore a beanie and Jackie wore his blackberry hat (although everyone mistakes it for an eggplant). We were cute! 🙂

Last night Joe and I had our first date night since Jack was born. and were kind enough to babysit while Joe and I went to Plaza Grill. I had some major anxiety when we were leaving but I got over it and was able to enjoy dinner out. It was nice to get out and focus on eachother and have quality conversation! Still, we didn’t stay out long.

Later in the evening, Joe and I had a stressful, frustrating conversation about relationship stuff. I didn’t intend to get into that discussion at all, but I guess it’s good that we talked. We both need to do some work to be better partners to one another but it’s going to take more talking to figure out what we both need and how to get our needs met. I have no idea how we’re going to find time to work on us but I guess we just have to make time!

Happy Monday…

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