A little better

Whew, made it through four days of bringing Jack to work! Monday and Tuesday went very smoothly. Yesterday afternoon was a bit of a challenge, and today was not so good. At least Joe got out of school early and was able to pick Jack up just when he started to really get fussy (refusing to nap and eat – I think he’s overstimulated from the visitors today). My co-workers have been great and assure me that it’s been great having him here. Easy for them to say!

I am actually getting caught up at work. I am a lot less stressed. I can’t believe I made progress this week!

To help relieve my depression, I worked it out with Joe to spend either Sunday mornings or afternoons out doing something without the boy (and he will get the rest of the day – morning or afternoon – to watch football). This Sunday I’m going to the movies with Jann, I think. Running with Scissors is coming out!

I may have been mistaken about the nursing strike. It’s possible that Jack is just being a fuss bucket because of the teething. I don’t know. I do know that it’s incredibly stressful to have your child cry and hit you when you are trying to feed him. It’s now extremely difficult to tell when he is hungry (what with the hand in the mouth all the time) and if I offer when he isn’t hungry, he gets totally pissed. I haven’t been handling this behavior well. I hope it stops soon.

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