Can we fast forward through this part?

Today was not good. Jack has been super fussy and fought the breast for a good six hours. Luckily he is still getting enough to eat but his fits are really stressing me out. My best guess is that this is teething related. I think the sucking bothers his gums. I also need to take him into the pediatrician to rule out an ear infection (although, after reading about how ear “infections” are just a general term for issues of the ear for which antibiotics are overprescribed and useless, I am feeling conflicted about that). I am looking forward to the days when this kid can TELL me what is wrong!

We’re going to the bay area next weekend and I haven’t made hotel reservations yet. I should really get around to that. Or I should make Joe do it. Yeah, good idea, self!

There are new pictures uploaded to Jack’s shutterfly album.

Edited to add: Definitely teething. Thank goodness for Ask Moxie!

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