Ranting before bed

I had trouble getting to sleep, so I am enjoying a nice cup of sleepytime tea and reading the ivillage breastfeeding message board. I just came across a post from a lady who quit breastfeeding her 2.5 week old daughter because:

“I guess it all boils down to me needing more time for myself and I wasn’t getting that while trying to feed, change her, put her down (the battle) and pump. There was no time for a nap in there or anything else for that matter…I know that sounds terrible and bfing is the best thing for baby and I should be self-less and do what is best for her, but I need to think about my mental state as well. My husband will gladly get up with her through the night, but if I am still bfing, then I still have to pump and my nights are still interrupted….so I might as well be getting up with her myself.”

I can’t believe the things this lady expects of her 2.5 week old child! Later in the post she mentioned that she thinks it’s important for her baby to be independent. Um, your kid is 2.5 weeks old! She has NO resources to take care of herself!!!

Why why why do you have a child if you are not willing to do what is best for them? Why do you have a child if you are unwilling to make sacrifices for their health?

I will never get these people.

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