Sleep deprived and still at work

I am so tired. This teething stuff SUCKS. Jack was up every hour again last night and had trouble getting back to sleep around 5am (he was trying his hardest to stay asleep while thrashing about). I gave him some of the teething tablets and they worked within a couple of minutes. I wish I would have given them to him earlier in the night so that perhaps we would have gotten a more restful sleep.

I don’t know why I even come to work when I’m this tired. I don’t get much done and I’m so out of it. I just want to crawl under my desk and nap.

I was talking to Joe last night about how I have been feeling like I suck at pretty much everything. Like I am a totally crap wife, mother, employee, friend, etc. He responded by saying I am an amazing mother, the best parent he’s ever seen, and so much better than he even expected. Very nice of him to say. I know logically that I don’t totally suck but stress and fatigue have really gotten to me. I am feeling better than I was last week, though. I think things will keep getting better as long as I make sure to get just a little bit of time to myself each week. If I can fall asleep when I try to go to bed early, I’m sure that would help, too!

Hotel reservations are made for our trip to the bay area this weekend, and and have graciously agreed to care for the kitties while we are away. I am looking forward to friends, family, and good food!

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