Can of worms

Arg. I think I am fighting off a case of mastitis. I went to bed at 7 last night because I was so nauseous and dizzy I could barely stand up. I’ve been nursing on the left side as much as possible and also got up at 3am to apply warm compresses and pump. I am feeling better today but still funky. I hope I get it all under control before we leave tomorrow. I wish I didn’t have this right before we are set to travel because travel does NOT equal rest, which is what I should be doing. Arg, I say!

The Hylands Teething Tablets were not sitting well with Jack’s stomach, so we have discontinued their use. I think I’ll have to find another alternative. Luckily he seems to be dealing with the pain a bit better and has slept pretty well the last two nights (except for the part where he wakes up crying and immediately sticks his hand in his mouth – fortunately this has only been happening once or twice during the night and nursing comforts him; he is no longer fighting the breast). I still hate teething.

So, we leave tomorrow morning for the bay area. I have some bottles prepared for Jack so that, hopefully, we won’t have to stop as often as we did when traveling to Browns Valley. (Don’t mistake me – we will still stop to give him a break from the carseat and change his diaper and all that. I just hope we don’t turn a ~5 hour trip into 8 or 9 hours again.) Wish us luck!

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