Back to the bay

We made it back from Berkeley around 10 last night. It was a 7 hour trip back, which seems really long but wasn’t so bad since we stopped for dinner in Willits. By the end of the drive, Jack was so sick of that carseat! He was a trooper, though.

We had a good time. The trip down on Friday took 6.5 hours, which could happen even if you aren’t traveling with a kid. Taking bottles along really helped. We went to India Chaat & Sweets for a tasty dinner with Sabrina, Justin (Joe’s brother) and his wife Shailu. After the initial freak out by Jack (when we first got there and Justin peeked into Jack’s carrier to see him, it startled him and he SCREAMED), we had a nice time. We hung out with Sabrina at our hotel for a bit afterward, drank some beer and played a card game until we old people decided it was bed time at the ripe hour of 10pm.

Saturday morning we walked around a mile to breakfast with Sabrina (I so did not intend to walk that far! and now I’m paying for it!), got an oil change and other car improvements that ended up costing $235, and then Joe and I went our separate ways – I went to Alameda to hang with while he went to Point Reyes. Beth and I got Japanese food for lunch, and then just hung out for a while talking. Joe and I went to Justin & Shailu’s for dinner and got suckered into playing their new favorite video game that involves playing guitar. It was fun, but my tendonitis is now back in full force. We ended up staying up way too late and got back to the hotel after 11 and to bed around midnight. Yikes.

Sunday we checked out of the hotel (where I almost left my wedding ring! I remembered it as we were leaving the parking lot and I ran back to get it), then I dropped Joe off at his brother’s to watch football and I headed to Beth’s. Beth and I went to Target to do a little shopping and then got lunch at In & Out Burger. Yummy. I dropped her off and picked Joe up to head back home.

And now it’s Monday and I’m tired. 😛

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