Maybe it’s worth it!

I just donated 130 ounces of frozen breastmilk to a new mama in Arcata who has an 11 day old baby. She has some glandular problems and is going to get on medication in order to get her milk supply up – in the mean time, her lactation consultant advised her to supplement 16 ounces a day. Her husband brought me flowers to thank me for the donation. I can’t even articulate how great it makes me feel that I can help new parents give their baby the best nutrition. It means that maybe it’s worth it to have oversupply and the things that come along with it.

So now I have a hole in my freezer where all that milk was. Alas, it will take me no time to build my stash back up so I told the couple that if they need more, give me a call. Chances are I’ll have a bunch.

In other news, I am getting glasses. They should be ready just in time for my birthday. What a present, huh? Luckily I only have to wear them while driving and watching movies. I picked out a nice pair of plastic frames with swirls on the sides. They are a purply burgundy color. Go see them here.

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