Poor chicklet

Joe had a really bad day with Jack yesterday. The boy did not nap well and was extremely fussy all day long. When I got home, Joe had reached his limit on patience and was in dire need of a break. We went to and Jenn and Chris’s place for make-your-own pizza and a bit of Sarah Silverman comedy. I had never heard of Sarah Silverman, but man is she funny! Love that offensive humor!

I don’t think Jack slept too terribly for the first half of the night but he woke up crying at 3am. He had a slight fever, so I changed him into a short sleeved onesie, gave him tylenol and nursed him back to sleep. He woke up again around 6 crying but the fever was gone and he nursed back to sleep easily. I hope he feels better today.

Since Jack went through a crazy number of diapers this week, we started to dig into our own stash last night. Alas, we only have about 8 and quickly went through them. Since we are looking for something for traveling to Wisconsin next month, I bought a gDiapers (flushables) starter pack to try out at the Co-op. They are a bit more work than prefolds but work well. I think it might be cheaper to buy some prefolds to take with us and wash at Joe’s mom’s, though. I just don’t want to take too many because of the weight and amount of space they will take up in our luggage. Decisions decisions!

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