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I am having a hard time getting used to these glasses, but perhaps it is because I am coming down with a cold or something. I can’t figure out if it’s the cold causing my vision to be all wonky or if it’s the glasses (maybe both?). I feel like I will never get used to wearing these things. My depth perception is totally off (I know that’s not related to the cold) and it’s bugging the hell out of me. I am trying to wear them more to get my eyes adjusted but it’s so distracting and uncomfortable!

While we were in Oregon Jack was pretty quiet, mostly watching and observing everything. As soon as we got home he became a regular Chatty Cathy! He has a whole new vocabulary and has been babbling non-stop with all of these new sounds. Crazy kid.

When my mom came to visit for Thanksgiving she brought my grandma’s Kohl’s credit card. My grandma wanted us to order xmas presents for Jack and charge it to her card. I felt really weird about it because 1) I have an intense dislike for my grandma (dislike is putting it nicely) and 2) she is freaking broke and always has been – she is on social security and lives in a trailer! Alas, my mom insisted and we charged like $80. So crazy. Jack got some new toys (a couple of stuffed animals and a couple of Lamaze texture/teething/learning toys) and clothes. Everything arrived this weekend and Jack has already gone to town gnawing and pounding his new toys. I suppose one must put aside their hang-ups for the joy of a child…that is, as long as it doesn’t harm the child (and my grandma just might!).

Joe is starting to apply for jobs. He is putting in his application for a general pool of forest service jobs first, which involves picking states where we would consider moving. So in that list are California (#1), Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Carolina. I told him to go ahead with a couple of those states and see what pops up. Most likely there won’t be anything in WI, MN, or NC that we would consider (since the parks are generally out in the boonies), but no harm in seeing what’s available. I can’t believe we could be moving in 6 months!

Jack might be coming down with whatever I have. He didn’t do so hot at daycare today and has been sleeping fitfully tonight so far. Illness is definitely one of the things that sucks about being a kid!

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