(Don’t) bring your kid to work day

Jack went to school with Joe yesterday because our daycare provider is sick again. He did really well and he and Joe had a great day. Today the little guy is at work with me. It’s working out just fine, except when he fake coughs because he thinks it’s funny. He’s been doing it for about 20 minutes now. 😛 It’s very annoying.

Okay, fast forward to 1pm. Jack is napping finally, yay! We got served a xmas dinner at work today. Very tasty. Everyone admired Jack and said how cute and well behaved he is. He’s got them all fooled. 😉

After everyone’s nice comments about my glasses and seeing a good picture of me in them, I am feeling much better about them. I guess I’ll keep them.

We’re heading to the bay area this weekend! Can’t wait to see friends and family. Beth has promised me cake. So excited! Monday and Tuesday bring additional birthday celebrations. I am actually looking forward to my birthday this year!

Jackie is famous. Go see him in his adorable turquoise alpaca hat with ear flaps here. Jen is so talented!

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