A little more PPD, a little less action

My mild depression has continued despite my efforts. Last night I had a hard time getting out of my funk, so Joe spent a good 10 minutes pretending to put a voodoo spell on me. Totally dorky but it made me laugh, at least. I feel like I’m having a hard time meeting my own expectations of a good wife and mother. I have stepped it up at work but still haven’t figured out the home thing. Splitting myself between Joe and Jack is not easy. I feel like I short change them both and because this is so unacceptable to me, I totally seize up. I know I have attachment issues and touch issues and this is all magnified when I am getting double the requests for love and attention. I am hoping to go back to counseling after the new year because I just can’t keep this up. It’s not fair to my family.

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