The beginnings of a hectic holiday

The Ritchie household is sick. We all have a cold. I feel like crap today, all stuffed up with a crazy sore throat. Jack slept most of the evening yesterday, which was nice because Joe’s friend came over for dinner. I am not looking forward to this evening when I have to take care of Jack by myself because Joe is watching a Packers game, though. I have so much crap to do. I MUST start packing. Traveling with a third person who can’t pack their own stuff or carry any of it is challenging. I wanted to leave town tomorrow night but I don’t think we’ll be ready.

I am nervous about this trip. We’re having a hard time dressing Jack weather-appropriately already (it’s been colder here than is normal) and now we’ll have to deal with below-freezing temperatures. In addition to that, we are going to have to be really watchful at xmas with the massive amount of Joe’s family so that Jack doesn’t get overstimulated and freaked out. I know everyone is going to want to hold him and I don’t think that will be possible (just to give you an idea, Joe’s dad had 7 siblings who all married; most of them had kids and some even have grandkids). My anxiety about this was further compounded by the news that my in-laws were “fighting” over who gets to pick us (Jack) up from the airport. I know everyeone is looking forward to meeting the little guy; I just hope they remember that Jack is a baby and can’t handle all the excitement.

Today is my boss’s last day. *sigh*

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