More I cannot say

I’m still feeling icky sicky but I’m in a fairly good mood after receiving a very nice, mushy e-mail from Joe this morning. He rocks my socks!

Jann and I are closing the office early today and we’re going to go see a movie. We can’t decide between Blood Diamond and The Good Shepherd (but we’re leaning toward TGS because it has Angelina Jolie). I am not truly excited about either of them but I like going to the movies. 😀

We are heading down to Sacramento tomorrow. Tonight will be spent packing and getting things in order. We will probably have to take laundry with us to do at my mom’s before we fly out. What fun.

Jack didn’t want to bed easily last night so Joe brought him out into the living room and laid him on his stomach on the floor for some tummy time (and to help wear him out). The little guy immediately rolled over onto his back – the first time he has rolled over that way (previously it was always back to tummy). Earlier in the night I was also testing his sitting and standing skills. He can briefly sit up without support (before he reaches for something and topples over) and he can stand while holding onto the coffee table (until he reaches for something and topples over). Joe and I both think that he is going to skip crawling altogether and just go right for walking – a common theme in Joe’s family. By comparison, I didn’t walk until I was 13 months old. Yes, I’ve always hated exercise. 😉

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