A case of xmas (beware of side effects)

Happy holidays everyone! We are in snowy balmy Wisconsin and things have sure been interesting. Our travel to Sacramento was easy (although we got out a lot later than we originally intended) and my night with the SMACT girls was great (wonderful to hang with my girls!). Joe had a weird night with my family apparently, and I got home late so I didn’t get to save him from the awkwardness.

Our flight was bright and early Sunday morning but it went very smoothly and Jack was as congenial as ever! My SIL and BIL picked us up from the airport (my SIL cried when she held him for the first time), we ate a late lunch at Outback Steakhouse, and headed to the MIL’s for turkey dinner and present-opening (man, opening presents for your kid is a lot of work!). Lots of excitement, of course, although it was much busier than I expected from a rather small group. I played interference as much as possible with Jack but it seems that he still got overstimulated from his two cousins in his face all night, the chaos of gifts everywhere, and the travel fatigue. At 1am I woke up to the sound of Jack vomitting all over himself and the bed. I cleaned him up and handed him to Joe, where he promptly vomitted again all over Joe. Cleaned him up again, changed the sheets on the bed, rocked him back to sleep and before I even laid him down, he puked all over me and my side of the bed. Yikes – scary as hell to experience my baby vomitting for the first time! This time after cleaning him (and myself) up I just laid a towel down and slept on top of that rather than changing the sheets again. Off to sleep we went and had a rather uneventful night after that, thank goodness. Luckily he never had a fever or anything, and he acted totally normal today.

Speaking of today, we got a late start (Joe and I were so tired from the late night puke debacle) but still made it up to Jack’s great-grandma B’s only 30 minutes late. He promptly took a nap and stayed asleep while we opened presents. He did really well – most of the initial excitement over his arrival was dimmed and it was pretty laid back. We were there for about 3 hours before we left to head up to his great-grandma R’s…

I can’t even articulate how huge this gathering of family is except to say that it is exactly like a family reunion every year. Joe’s dad was one of 8, all of which married and most of which had children of their own. Some of their children have also had children. (Ugh, and in a couple of years, those children are going to be possibly having children!) Anyway, I warned everyone right off the bat that Jack had had a rough night and they respected that for the most part. I spent much of the day and night whisking him away into a private room to get him calm, cooled down, and rested. He didn’t fuss much but he would get so overwhelmed that he started breathing hard and his little heart was racing. Eek! It was not too bad considering all the people, though, and he came out unscathed (this is me hoping we won’t have another puking incident tonight). He got some nice gifts – the best of which was a large collage picture frame to depict his first holiday. The family spent a large majority of the evening taking group pictures to place in the frame (their original plan was to have Jack in every picture but I quickly gave that idea the axe – no way could he have handled all of that). The aunts are going to work on it this week and get it sent out to California. So sweet!

So, we survived Jack’s first xmas. I am particularly a little worse for wear – if lack of sleep and a sick baby weren’t enoguh, I had to drop some cash on a (third) breast pump to head off a case of mastitis. I neglected to bring my handy travel pump because I didn’t think I’d need it but my breasts are going nutso on me. I held out as long as I could but I knew I had to spent the $$ when I started experiencing nausea and shortness of breath on the way home from the Ritchie’s. But what winter celebration is complete without having a cold, getting puked on, and getting a nice breast malady on top of it?!

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