No vacation is complete without a trip to the ER

We took Jack to the ER today because he is getting worse. He is not eating properly and has too few of diapers (although the ER doc said that he is hydrated). They took xrays and tested him for flu and RSV. Turns out he has RSV and that has caused an infection called bronchiolitis. We got some meds for him (a steroid and something to help with the congestion) but they are just to ease the symptoms. He has to ride this out. At the hospital he actually wasn’t horribly sick but he has been sleeping since we got home two hours ago and he hasn’t eaten in almost three hours. I am trying not to freak out, but I am super worried about him. If we can’t get him to eat soon, we are going to have to go back to the ER. Flying home tomorrow is going to be awful.

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