ER Revisited

Fuck, this sucks. Went back to the ER today because Jack was puking every single thing up – meds and food – after coughing plus had a harder time breathing and was experiencing mild retractions between his ribs. Got there and he was running a fever and his heartbeat was higher than normal. He was given a tylenol suppository and monitored to see if his breathing recovered a bit. He was doing better after the tylenol and he was able to keep food down when I gave him small amounts (basically, I can only let him eat at the breast for a minute at a time and I’m feeding him every 20-30 minutes). I am also throwing in some pedialyte since he is not having many wet diapers (only 3 today). He has lost weight, as well (9 ounces in the past day, and around a pound since this started). I am so worried that this feeding method is going to mess up our nursing relationship (since I have to unlatch him before he is done eating) but I guess I have to go with it so that he can keep the food down. I am thankful that he was so hearty and healthy before because otherwise I’m sure he would be even worse. He has smiled a few times today, at least.

We rescheduled our flight for Sunday night since we should see some improvement by then and flying might not be so hard on Jack. The worst part of this virus is supposed to last 2-3 days and the ER docs were pretty certain that yesterday and today were the worst of it. I am crossing my fingers and not letting the little guy out of my sight until he is breathing better.

This whole thing has been pretty scary and stressful for me. I am relieved that he is doing well enough to hang out at his grandma’s but it would almost be better if he were in the hospital being monitored. Sometimes doing research on this stuff is not the best plan because now I’m hyper sensitive to all of the things that could go wrong.

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