Worthless Pediatric Visit

I left work early yesterday to go with Joe to Jack’s pediatrician visit. It was a waste of time. When I asked if Jack was still contagious, the ped replied, “He is mostly not contagious.” (What the hell is that supposed to mean – mostly not contagious?) When I asked if Jack was okay to go back to daycare he said, “He is probably okay to return to daycare.” (Probably does not inspire confidence.) His whole attitude was kind of nonchalant, so it kind of felt like we weren’t even supposed to be there (we were there because the ER doc told us we should check in with Jack’s Ped when we flew home). Very irritating.

One thing we did learn was that it could take up to 6 weeks for Jack to heal completely. Ugh.

So, that’s the latest. Also, while Jack is puking less overall, he is still puking: once yesterday evening, once during the night sometime (all I remember is removing his clothing and going back to sleep), and once this morning on the bed and blankets. I was late to work (again) because I needed to change the sheets while Joe attended to the child. If the puking weren’t enough, he is pretty fussy on and off (just goes balistic for no apparent reason). Joe was already stressed out this morning when I left and that makes ME stress out all day wondering what is happening at home. (I am stressed every time Joe takes care of Jack at home because I am nervous that Joe and Jack are having a rough day and I will come home to grumpy people. I hate it when people are in bad moods – I always seem to absorb the bad mood. A coworker suggested I leave work early today to go home and rest and I told her I am getting more rest at work. Plus I already have negative PTO, so I just can’t afford to take time off. This is my life right now.)

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