Foot in mouth

Did I just say I was feeling less stressed? Well, I might as well have shot myself. Just got an e-mail from daycare saying that Jack is fussy again and we might have to come pick him up. She even suggested perhaps he has pink eye (which I doubt – I think it’s still just sick stuff). He has a dr. appointment tomorrow, anyway, so I will go ahead and ask.

Jesus fucking christ, does everyone go through this with daycare? Jack has been not quite as sweet lately but he is still not that bad! Does my daycare lady just suck at soothing him? Is she just not willing to give him the attention he needs right now (whether that means spending like 10 extra minutes with him to get him to nap or whatever)? Call me crazy, but I think all babies are fussy sometimes. Is that really excuse enough to send the kid home?

I can now see the appeal of being a SAHM. This is aggravating as hell.

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