It never hurts to have a plan

I am exhausted. Jack went down to bed at 7 (unusual for him) and slept 1.5 hours before waking up to eat and get a diaper change, which was just great. I put him back down after feeding and nighttime diapering him and while he was basically down for the night, he awoke every 1-2 hours from then on. So, I am seriously lacking sleep. I need caffeine.

While he was down for his first nap, I called his daycare provider and asked her what a typical day was like. From what she described, it sounds like she is doing everything right. So the only thing I can think is happening is a) he has a health issue going on, or b) he is going to get his teeth very, very soon. So I took him to daycare again today and gave her instructions to administer tylenol if he gets worked up again (with the assumption that it’s his teeth that are bothering him – when I picked him up yesterday he was very chewy and I did give him teething tablets). If that doesn’t work, I am kind of out of ideas. He has a check-up tomorrow to make sure his ears are fine and we will ask them to look him over for anything else that might be going on.

If this keeps happening (if he just freaks out at daycare no matter where we send him), I do have a contingency plan. It involves taking the rest of my leave (6 weeks family leave at 60% of my pay) and once that’s over I could get a job working nights/weekends at Starbucks. I could get health insurance through Starbucks, Jack would be covered under Healthy Families, and Joe can get any general medical stuff done at the clinic at school. We can eliminate some expenses and pay smaller amounts toward our debts.

I also contacted a SAHM who does daycare to find out if she has room for a 6 month old. I found her through the local La Leche League and she is also a doula. If she is available we would try her out before going to my contingency plan of changing jobs.

So, that’s the latest. I am keeping my fingers crossed that things get better at daycare but if they don’t, at least we have something else we can try. I absolutely will not let my child stay in daycare if all he does is cry. He is generally such a happy baby – it is not the norm for him to cry at all. I don’t get this.

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