Daycare, for reals

I took Jack to his new daycare today! It is basically across the street from where his old daycare was. I sat and talked with A for about 45 minutes while Jack got used to the house and people. I nursed him and then handed him over to A, with whom he seemed perfectly comfortable. He was already playing with A’s kids’ dolls, lunging toward A’s 18 month old son, and being entranced by the ceiling fan.

I just called to check in on him and he is doing great! He has even napped. YAY! This is a huge weight off my shoulders. I know it could still take some time for him to get completely comfortable (and I don’t want to speak too soon) but this seems to confirm for me the idea that his last daycare provider’s personal issues were affecting her care. Not to mention that she had quite a few kids (although the number was well within the limits of her license) and A only watches one kid other than her own two children. Not only will he get more individual attention but she is more than willing to carry him in an Ergo and take walks with him!

I’m so very excited about this new situation. I was very comfortable with A and I think our parenting philosophies are very similar. Plus, I think it’s awesome that I can tell Jack one day that his daycare provider had a sweet tattoo. 😀

Wheeeew. Maybe now I can get caught up at work!

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