On a lighter note

Thanks to our adorable extra tax exemption, we’re getting a hefty sum back from both Federal and State. This means that we have plenty to cover any relocation expenses, even if we move to the higher-priced bay area (where apartment deposits are roughly 7x those in Humboldt). It sounds like Joe will probably not get a position at the parks here, so it’s very likely we’ll be moving this summer. Hopefully we can resist spending our tax refund!

I stayed home from work today. Jack’s sitter decided to wean her toddler over the weekend and is suffering some serious engorgement, which makes holding a baby difficult and painful. We had no back-up sitter and since I am still sick, I figured I could use the extra day anyway. It was a fairly pleasant day. I got a nap in with Jack in the morning, got some errands done midday, and then he took a two hour nap in the afternoon. He is crabby now but Joe is home so at least I don’t have to deal with it all by myself!

I have been enjoying reading an online parenting site I found through dooce called Babble: a magazine and community for the new urban parent. If you are obsessed with blogs, and your kid(s), and finding new things to read that combine the two, check it out!

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