I am exhausted. With that in mind, here’s a quick run down of the important stuff:
Dinner with co-workers Friday night was nice. Jack made sure to make a ruckus when Sr. J said grace. 😉
The boy is not sleeping well. Teething is ramping up and making our lives hell. Can’t we just skip this phase?
On the other hand, Jack pulled himself from sitting on my lap to standing yesterday. That was cool and totally unexpected!
Joe has more bay area job prospects! Yay!
We had dinner and great conversation with and last night. They rock!
I got time to myself today! I went to Jann’s and resumed work on the Queen sized quilt I started while pregnant (I had to stop after completing the nine-patches because my belly got in the way). And, despite measuring wrong and incorrectly cutting 71 setting blocks, I have half of my rows sewn together. I feel accomplished.
BIL & SIL are coming to visit this weekend. Fun!

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