Lucky Number Seven

Jackie turned 7 months old yesterday! He was in pretty good spirits, as well, so I’m guessing he got a small reprieve from teething pain. The teeth have not quite emerged but they are very close!

So what does a 7 month old like to do with his leisurely time? He likes to hang out with his best friend Wicket. He cackles every time that cat comes within his grasp (which is a lot, ’cause Wicket LOVES Jack and no matter how many times we cart him out of the bedroom to let Jack sleep, he will keep going back to snuggle). He will grab a fistful of fur and give Wicket a nice open-mouthed kiss. It’s crazy to think that Wicket puts up with the abuse but he doesn’t even get upset. Observe:

Jack is pretty mobile these days. He is constantly rolling across the living room floor and often ends up under the coffee table. Sometimes he gets under there completely and we can hear him chatting to himself and playing with the Scrabble game we store under there. He will peak out at us from under the slipcover when we call his name:

In addition to the rolling, he decided out of the blue that he could pull himself from sitting to standing. He demonstrated this ability several times while sitting on my lap in the computer chair on Saturday. I was shocked. Then this morning as I was packing things into the car before leaving for work, Jack was hanging out on the floor and grabbed a nearby foot rest, which he used along with his kicking legs to pull himself closer to my sewing machine cover! He is a huge fan of texture, so all he wanted to do was scratch the bumpy cover. In any case, it is apparent that we can no longer leave him unattended at all!

Jack spends Fridays with , and even joins him in class. The two also go on hikes and walks together, armed with matching bucket hats to shade their eyes:

I have started to drag books out to read to the little guy. He doesn’t care for the stories themselves but loves to grab the pages and gnaw on the covers. Recently we both read The Lorax for the first time – Jack started yawning halfway through. Guess he wasn’t impressed with my reading:

We have tried a few solid foods but between the cold he had and a general lack of interest, we haven’t offered a whole lot. He has now tasted pumpkin, avocado, and banana. He didn’t care for avocado at all:

Oh, and he got to chew on an apple at daycare. I will probably offer some pear this weekend because he might just be one of those babies who likes *real* food instead of pureed stuff. In any case, I think we can safely say that we are so far successfully keeping breastmilk as Jack’s main source of nutrition!

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