Take a bite

Jack is no longer toofless! I have been in the habit lately of checking his gums every day to see if his teeth came in and, indeed, yesterday was the day when his first tooth made an appearance. It’s the bottom right central incisor (I swore the left would come first but I was wrong…). That little sucker is sharp, too! Yikes. I bet others are soon to follow.

I went to see the little guy during my lunch and he was sooooooo sweet and giggly. His face lit up when he saw me and he cracked up at everything I did. He is such an awesome kid!

Joe and I are going out for a V-Day dinner tonight. is kindly acting as babysitter. We haven’t been out by ourselves in like 4 months, so this is long overdue. Maybe we’ll even hold hands and kiss. 😉

Our digital camera appears to have died. Not good timing at all! The warranty was only a year, so that won’t help us. Good thing we are getting a tax refund. I guess we should just embrace this as an opportunity to get a new, better camera. Luckily digital cameras are much cheaper than they used to be!

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