Grrr, arg!

I am so fucking exhausted. And cranky as hell! Jack slept horribly last night, again. We get a few days of good sleep and then it all falls apart. I probably should have given him motrin before bed, especially after the day we had yesterday (can you say schizo baby?). Administering motrin is a whole other set of problems, though. It seems like the sleep issues happen more on the weekends, so I wonder if there is something we are doing (or not doing) to cause it. I could be wrong that it is only a weekend problem, though. I haven’t been keeping track.

I cooked last night! I made browned chicken breasts with country gravy (okay, the gravy was from a packet), baked yams, and biscuits (oh, and those weren’t from scratch, either). The yams turned out PERFECTLY and the chicken was the best I’ve ever made. I am usually too scared to eat my own chicken in case it wasn’t cooked right. I follow the rules and all that but I still don’t trust that it’s done. Our friends Melissa and Christian taught me a new way to cook chicken that keeps it moist and gets it good and done! Yippee!

If you see a zombie wandering the streets, that’s me. Please shoot.

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