So much for that plan

I thought it was a brilliant idea! On Monday I thought, hey! On Wednesday I’ll take Jack to daycare and go back home to sleep, quilt, and get some time to myself. The excitement started to build, but as I was getting ready to leave the apartment yesterday I checked my voicemail whereupon there was a message from the sitter saying that her daughter was puking and she couldn’t watch Jack. DAMN! So Joe stayed home from school and watched Jack while I had a crappy day at work and a board meeting in the afternoon (snore). I thought perhaps I might just get lucky and the sitter’s daughter might be feeling better in time for me to take my day off today. She called last night – no dice.

So here I sit with Jack. On my “day off.” Jack awoke at 6am needing a diaper change. It took 45 minutes to get him to back to sleep (normally I would give up after 20 but I was determined to go back to sleep) and we got another hour and a half in before getting up for the day at 8:15. So much for sleeping in over here.

In other, non-whiney news, we finally got a new microwave installed after waiting over 2 weeks. Also, Jack’s second tooth came in yesterday. Maybe now we’ll get a break from teething.

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