A good day, illustrated

Jack and I had a really good day today! I actually felt stress-free all day for the first time in I don’t even know how long.

I think some of the reasons for my improved mood include Jack sleeping better (most likely due to better napping and care these past few days), me sleeping better (I went to bed at 8 last night), and the prospect of having CHOICES for daycare providers. We have 4 to choose from currently, but are hoping that the one closest to our apartment works out. This provider is located around the corner and down the street, has only a few other kids (two of which go to school), is licensed, sounded wonderful on the phone (we will go interview her in person Monday), and will probably be paid for by the subsidized childcare program in which we are about to enroll. Yay!

So, things are definitely looking up. While Jack napped today (two naps each over 1.5 hours long!) I got to work on my friend Y’s quilt.

I managed to get all of the fabric cut today, so the next step is to sew those 198 rectangles together. A lot of the work is behind me since sewing is totally the easy part, which is good because besides this quilt, I still need to finish my own and start two others that are gifts. Whew! I’m a quilting fool!

We went grocery shopping this morning (aside from the grocery shopping we did this afternoon with and at Costco) and when Jack started to get a little fussy in the store, I handed him a box of Annie’s pasta to shake. He loved it, so when we got home I hooked him up with a small container of pasta shells.  He’s been shaking away ever since.

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