8 Months

Usually I love writing the updates about Jack when he reaches his monthly birthdays but the 8 month sleep regression has really done a number on us. I say that, and yet he is sleeping with the hubs right now and slept fairly well last night. Perhaps we are over the worst of it.

At eight months, Jack is a very vocal child, and his babbling vocabulary just keeps on growing. He still loves to talk about “dadadadadeedadadee” but has recently added “ta ta ta.” He will burst out in conversation, always insisting on being a part of what is going on. This includes his new skill of laughing when we laugh, trying to convince everyone that he was totally in on the joke. It’s hilarious to watch (sorry for the sideways video).

In the last month we have been working on establishing a nightly bath routine with Jack (as opposed to showers).  Joe usually gets this honor since I can’t stand to be wet for more than 5 minutes. Jack LOVES the bath. He splashes the whole time he is in there, breaking only occassionally to play with a toy. A couple of nights ago I took him out of the bath before he was apparently ready and he cried. I dressed him for bed and when we went to say goodnight to daddy, he got a big grin on his face as we approached the bathroom. He started to get excited and when he realized he wasn’t going to be getting back into the bath, he started crying again. Poor guy! We’re already ruining his fun.

The little guy is still not eating much in the solids department, but he is showing more interest. When he sees me eating a banana, he starts smacking his lips until I offer him some. We recently introduced carrots and apples but he was not a fan. It seems that he just doesn’t care for pureed foods.  Perhaps he feels that now that he has two teeth, he should be using them!

Jack has skills. He loves to sit and prefers it over laying down. When he is done nursing, he rolls down my lap and uses my legs as leverage to slide into a sitting position. From there, he tries to transition to his hands and knees but still hasn’t figured out how to get that second leg out from underneath himself. He has been trying so hard to crawl and we expect him to get it figured out within the next couple of weeks.

He is also a master at picking things up, including small particles found on the floor that mommy and daddy’s bad eyes don’t notice. He sees everything, it seems, and makes a dive for anything of interest – especially anything with texture. We have had quite a few Britney Spears moments where he nearly plows into the floor head-first trying to grab something suddenly while we are holding him. I’m glad the tabloids have no interest in us!

Last but not least, he makes great faces. I love to smooch that sweet face!

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