The good with the bad

We’re dealing with some stuff over here and while some of it is good (Jack sleeping better, daycare in place starting next week, subsidized childcare starting next month), some of it is not so good (no daycare this previous week which meant no spring break relaxation for hubs and Jackie at work with me yesterday, my asshole boss, hubs getting decline letters from 3 of the big deal jobs he applied for).

My mood has actually been a bit better but Joe’s has taken a dive and I am terrible at dealing with it. I try to talk him out of his bad mood, which is exactly what he doesn’t want. I absorb bad moods and then I get depressed, so I’m struggling to help while staying detached so that I don’t go downhill myself. Arg.

I’ve got to¬†figure out how to interact in the world and still hold down the fort at home and work.

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