Fried brains

I have started posting my stamp sets for sale on ebay. They have been selling really well, and really quickly with the Buy It Now option. After sending an incorrect invoice, and then fixing it and sending it over again to a seller, I finally received payment for two particular stamp sets last night. I went to put them in an envelope and they were missing. I figured they must be in my car or perhaps I had left them at work. No such luck – I got an e-mail from another buyer today who had received the wrong sets (the ones I was looking for). DAMN! So now I have to send her the correct sets, beg forgiveness of both buyers for screwing up, and figure out how to get the sets from one buyer to the other with the least amount of time and trouble. THE CHILD HAS FRIED MY BRAIN.

In other developments Jack started his new daycare today and when I spoke to the provider this morning, everything was going smoothly. Unfortunately, she forgot to tell us when we met her last Monday that she has a conference to go to this week and we need to find alternate care Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday. Arg. She was very embarrassed about the whole thing and considering what I did to my ebay buyers, I know exactly how she feels!

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