I’m so tired. So, so, so tired. Bone weary. My face hurts I’m so tired. And I know I sound like a broken record but I am amazed that I can stack on increasing amounts of fatigue. I fully expect to drop from exhaustion very soon. This level of exhaustion shouldn’t be possible.

With all this talk of being tired, why am I not in bed, you ask? Well, sometimes a person is too tired to even fall asleep. And sometimes a person lies down next to her son and worries so much about him waking up right as she’s drifting off that she can’t relax enough to drift off. Crazy, isn’t it? And sometimes I just want so badly to get something, ANYTHING done that I stay up too late. At least I have a border on my Paris/Paisley quilt to show for it.

I think I can go to bed now.

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