Y tu, Gap?

I’m not a huge Gap fan, but when we went to Chico recently by way of Redding, we stopped at the Anderson outlets. Jack is in dire need of clothes, so I dropped a bit of cash stocking him up at the Gap there. I bought him three pairs of pajamas (buy two, get one free yaaaay!), including this set:

Now, all three of the pj sets are sized 18-24 months. You probably can’t tell too well by looking at the above picture, but the damned sleeves are nearly cutting off his arm circulation. I had to squeeze these suckers on. Now, I know my kid is big. But he is NOT THAT BIG. Now I remember why *I* never buy clothes at Gap. I can only hope that as he starts crawling more and slimming down a bit, these will fit better. The length on the shirt is great. I hold no hope for the shorts, though.

Also, if you look closely at the picture above, you can see that Jack’s right eye is red, puffy, and gunky. He is sick, possibly with pink eye, so we are home today. I’ve gotta take him to the doctor to make sure he’s not contagious, and hopefully he can go back to daycare tomorrow. Poor kid. We were having such a good run of health there for a while.

He is still chipper enough to give the cat some lovin’.

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