Laughter and irony

I had a wonderful time at home with Jack this weekend and on Monday. I’m loving mommyhood right now. Jack has such a personality and sense of humor. The other night he took the plastic shovel his grandma sent him and started hitting Wicket with it. Then he looked up at Joe and me and giggled. I have no idea why he thought it was so funny, but his delight was contagious. We both cracked up!

Yesterday as I was considering the possibility that the next year will bring weaning, I felt a little sad. I am not sure if I could actually say that I enjoy breastfeeding now, but I do enjoy the special time with Jack and I am now used to nursing and/or pumping throughout the day. I am a confident breastfeeder now, as well; I haven’t had to worry about Jack’s nutrition as long as I was breastfeeding. That will be changing as he transitions to more solids, and then it will be a big guessing game. I don’t look forward to it. So, ironically, I am probably going to miss breastfeeding. Hopefully it will be some time before it’s no longer a part of our routine.

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