9 Months Old!

The littlebig guy has nearly been outside of me for as long as he was inside. It feels as if he’s been in our lives forever, though. Remember when he was new?

We took Jack into the pediatrician’s office for a 9 month check-up today. There were no immunizations this time, thankfully! He weighed in at 21 lbs. 14 oz. (80th percentile for BF babies) and measured 29.5″ tall (90th percentile). The nurse poked his finger to test his iron level and he was within the normal range. Sweet!

Mr. Man is always on the go these days. This makes changing diapers a challenge, as he is always trying to roll or sit up during the process. He has taken crawling rather slowly, and more often than not goes in reverse. He does a lot of scooting, as well. If you were to ask Jack what he thinks of crawling, he would probably tell you, “Eh, I tried it and didn’t care for it.” Instead of spending time on his hands and knees, he prefers to sit or use anything in sight (including Wicket) to push/pull to a standing position. I stood him up against the couch earlier, standing behind him as spotter, and he excitedly smacked the couch cushions over and over while giggling. Even though he’s not a big crawler, he is is still causing a ruckus. We’ve got to keep our eyes on him at all times because he is into everything within reach.

Speaking of giggling, there is a lot of it going on. He giggles when he bangs his blocks together, hits the cat with a plastic shovel, sneaks up on his dad, and when I pick him up from daycare. He’s always smiling! His smile is especially cute now that he has four teeth (which are impossible to capture on camera) and he brushes them regularly to keep ’em pearly.

Over the last week, sleep has gotten better. He is back to waking 2-3 times during the night, which I feel I can handle. We are all happier when we have gotten decent sleep. He never did repeat the performance of falling asleep on his own, but generally if we get him to doze, we can lay him down and walk out of the room.

Jack is eating solids daily now. He has really developed an interest, lunging and smacking his lips when he sees us eating. Thanks to Jenn and Chris, we discovered he loves both dried mango and apricot, the only fruits on his good list. He’s a big fan of sweet peas and he totally digs oat and puffy snacks, as well. To complement it all, he nurses 6-8 times a day.

Unfortunately, with age comes a wicked temper. When Jack gets pissed (like when we take something away that he really wants but shouldn’t have), his whole body stiffens up, arms down at his side, he holds his breath and he glares at us. He is quick to let us know of his displeasure!

Daycare is going swimmingly. He loves the provider and the other kids! We are so lucky to have finally found good care. Jackie deserves the best!

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