A few things

It would seem that Jack has gotten the hang of crawling over night. Yesterday evening he was able to get about on his hands and knees, but he would drag his knees rather than moving his legs. This morning he was crawling traditionally. Pretty amazing how quickly kids master this stuff.

He has also started to say mama. Except it’s usually with angst and comes out “mamamamaaaaaaaa.” I can take comfort in the fact that he is not associating the word with me yet. At least I think that’s the case…

I had the worst migraine EVER yesterday. A two hour nap did nothing to ease it. Since Joe was busy working on his application/resume, which must be postmarked today for a job in SF, it was up to me to care for the child. Hard to do when you are seriously considering taking a trip to Urgent Care for some druuuuuugs. Instead I looked up natural remedies and snorted cayenne pepper. Surprisingly, it helped. After I got done with a bout of sneezing, I ended up with only a dull headache and I no longer felt the urge to bash my skull into a concrete wall. I even made dinner (whole grain flax pancakes & scrambled eggs). So yeah. Cayenne pepper. Who knew?

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