Not so sweet peas

TheBabyJack has been having digestive issues this week.  His stomach has been gurgling, he has awoken in the middle of the night crying and grunting, and he has had an unprecedented number of poopy diapers.  At first I thought the issue was too many solid foods too soon.  He has really taken a liking to sweet potatoes and sweet peas and downed a bunch at daycare this week.  But after the middle of the night discomfort earlier in the week, I advised his daycare provider to limit the solids.  She gave him a few bites of peas Wednesday and the issues are worsening.  Now the poor guy has a horrible diaper rash and, as mentioned above, lots o’ poo.  He cried when I used wipes to clean him up and I can just imagine what it must feel like for him.  Yikes.

After doing some reading about solids, I suspect Jack is having an allergic reaction to the peas.  I had no idea they were a highly allergenic food!   We’re going to eliminate solids until his diaper rash clears up and then we’ll see about testing my hypothesis after he’s feeling better.

*Sigh*  Solids are such a pain.  There isn’t much Jack likes yet, so I feel sad about taking away the peas that he loves.  Maybe he’ll grow out of this.

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  1. I hate the term “highly allergenic” because we then start thinking that nothing else is problematic. Two of the foods to which my husband is allergic are kiwi fruit and celery. I kid you not. And rice cereal gave Little Red a hard time. (I waited three weeks, started oatmeal, and haven’t had a single problem since.) Cut out the peas and see if everything gets better, and try the peas again in a year. My guesses are he’ll be fine with them (although at that age he won’t eat them because they’re a green vegetable.) 😉

  2. Thanks, Zen Mama. Celery – that is a strange one. I would guess the seeds in kiwi could be a problem with a lot of people (lots of seedy fruits on the caution list). My husband’s family members have some strange allergies. Both my husband and my nephew have some EXTREME pickiness with regard to foods, so I have wondered if it might be that they tend toward allergy and have naturally avoided things (a theory I have read about). Since Jack has been very slow to take to solids, it occurred to me he could be that way. I hope to avoid pickiness in Jack…

    And I am so not looking forward to the picky toddler days. We have been so lucky with so many things, I keep hoping that we’ll avoid that stage!

  3. My advice, for what it’s worth, is to not engage in food battles. Little Red stopped eating veggies at age 1. We offered, but never fought, veggies at dinner. Then suddenly he started eating. He’s 2 and LOVES broccoli and salad. Seriously. I won the lottery on that one, AND I didn’t have to fight, I just let him come around when he was ready.

  4. Thanks! That is my plan. My motto is: how can you have a power struggle if you refuse to engage? I also am rather hardcore when it comes to things I don’t believe my kid should have. We aren’t a fast food family, and we don’t keep a lot of junk in the house these days. If there are only healthy options for Jack to choose when the time comes, and if I offer him a choice, I hope that we’ll do okay…of course we’ll know for sure when we get there!

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