It has become painfully apparent that we needed to babyproof, like, months ago. I still freeze up when looking around our shoebox apartment, though, because there is no place to put anything! Where do I even start to babyproof?

I thought perhaps I would get a baby gate to at least separate the living room from the rest of the apartment (namely, the cats’ bowls and litterboxes), so off to the big bullseye store we went. There are many gates to choose from, so I just went with the cheapest thing. I got home and was reminded that we have wacky angles to work with and the only place to install a baby gate is impossibly wide, so the gate will not work. I ran to another department store later in the afternoon (after measuring the freaking hallway this time), but no luck! Guess I’ll have to order online.

Since Jack won’t stop crawling and getting into everything and I had to make dinner, I built a barricade. This is what happened:


I don’t know about you, but I like how the devilish side of him came out with the flash. 😉

So now that it’s time to actually do some babyproofing around this place, I need help. Considering we have a very small budget and no other storage, anyone have any ideas for these spaces? The books and CDs we might be able to pack away in a closet once we rid ourselves of some stuff Jack has outgrown – not so the computer stuff (obviously).

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  1. I was never very good at babyproofing, and like you we have a really small place where storage is always an issue. So the method that we eventually went with was just moving the stuff that they Absolutely Could Not Touch higher, and the It’s Not Going To Actually Kill Them stuff lower. The things we couldn’t move got the “NO! We don’t touch that,” in the serious Mom voice. (Repeated ad infinitum.)

    That and outlet covers was pretty much it for us, well, and gates for the stairs. The girls are still alive and I can’t think of a single thing that was permanently destroyed.

  2. I just typed up a long reply and lost it. It wasn’t very helpful, so I guess it’s no big loss. Basically, we didn’t childproof much. Just put dangerous things where he can’t reach them, basically, and put up lattice so he can’t fall through the railings. Oh, and those safety latches on cabinets. (He only acknowledges the existence of one of the doors, and we didn’t put a latch on that one till he noticed it, so I’d say even those are low priority except under the sink if you keep chemicals there.)

    For computer stuff — I keep our printer and stuff on top of the file cabinet. Maybe you could use a bookcase? And speaking of, we just put furniture (coffee table, ottoman) in front of ours. Sometimes he pulls the books off, sometimes not.

  3. As a gramma with a condo that has weird passageways that baby gates won’t fit… Kmart has a play yard…a plastic 6 sided circle thing that can be used outside. We took sections of it and we use those as barriers in the condo where needed. It means propping one end with a chair against it in the hallway but it works! I even insert one in the sliding glass window wall so the babies don’t go tumbling out onto the patio.

  4. haha love this! i’m gonna have a time baby proofing when i do. yikes! anyway, thanks for the comment about the baby’s room. i plan on having her sleep in our room, in the bassinet for the first month or two. my mom had a child that died from sids so that will be comforting to have her in the room, especially while i am breastfeeding the most. etc

  5. I think I have a semi-solution – put away CDs, and make sure that the bookcases are so packed tight that he can’t remove any books.

    As far as the baby gate goes, I can get the right size online; it just would have been nice to get it NOW instead of waiting for shipping (but I guess I’ve only got myself to blame for waiting so long in the first place).

    Jess – agreed. I like having Jack in our room (even still) because of the nighttime feedings.

  6. omg he’s so cute! My plan is to move anything that is dangerous and “try” to teach her the meaning of the word no for everything else….I’m thinking that the hard work in the beginning should pay off later when I take her to other people’s houses (that aren’t baby proof)

    We’ll see if it works…it’s all theory at the moment…lol

  7. I thought I would do the same but the first thing Jack did was rip the cover of a book that Joe and I got for our wedding. It made me sad. 🙁 Also, bizarrely, all of our friends have cleaner/safer houses than ours. Perhaps because they are all childless and have time to clean! 😛

    Oh, and while Jack is starting to understand no, he is not heeding it. Sheesh.

  8. I just read about that recently, too, Tanya. I don’t have any cords that he could reach and we will be out of this apartment in just a few months, so I don’t anticipate having to do anything there.

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